Software and controls is our core competency. We let you focus on what you do best.


MDT has a highly experienced team of software developers that builds cutting edge software with the latest software technologies. Combining the hiring of only the best and most experienced team members, with the latest in software tools, techniques, and process, ensures a level of quality that is a leader in the industry.

In the control industry, quality is key. MDT has developed a full suite of hardware simulation tools that allow MDT to perform a battery of automated performance, reliability, and system testing on every software change. These game-changing tools allows for the simulation of a full frac fleet and provide a high level of confidence in our quality even before the software is installed on our hardware. It also ensure a smooth and quick commissioning of our control systems.

Through the use of the newest technologies, MDT’s software is on the cutting edge of today’s tech. With a powerful and extensible service-oriented architecture, RESTful web services, CAN bus and J1939 communication, STW controllers, and proven data acquisition and archiving, MDT is putting together leading technology with proven standards to create a platform for mobile control systems. This provides MDT the capability to leverage their software into web, mobile, and other modern applications to give their customers the most powerful solution available.

MDT’s engineering team is dedicated to delivering high quality and innovative data acquisition and control products to our customers. Our Canada and US based engineers are intimately involved through the entire lifecycle of MDT products: gathering customer requirements and talking to field operators to launch front-end conceptual design, engaging in prototype testing to ensure product quality and reliability, supporting product manufacturing and field operations, and gathering feedback to drive product improvement.

We design and test our products against extreme temperatures and vibrations defined by standards such as MIL-STD-810 and SAE J1455, as well as perform highly accelerated life testing (HALT) to improve product reliability. The end results are products engineered to meet the demands of our customers and the rigors of the oil field environment.



Building your own controls in house can be costly and time consuming. At a high level it may seem simple but there are lots of things to consider.

Are you willing to invest the time and resources in the design and architecture of the controls? Have you considered the pros and cons of the different communication protocols? How your equipment will interact with each other on a common network? How will you propagate setting changes out to each of the 25+ pieces of equipment to make sure everything stays on schedule during the frac? Have you considered how you will support the equipment once it hits the field? Have you considered the risks if you lose key personnel and what that may mean to your product development and support?

Each has been put through rigorous QC testing to make sure it will withstand the demands in even the most harsh frac environments. Our team of trained tech support agents will make sure you are covered 24/7 and our field E-Techs are ready to be deployed when needed.